Eunsoo Yoon is a graphic designer from Seoul, Korea, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. 
She received a BFA in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts.︎

Identity, Print

Talismans are thought to bring good luck and shoot away evil sprits, from past to present. These are a contemporary and graphic reinterpretation of the traditional talismans, with symbolisms of virtue, security, success and wealth. Talismans embody the four ideas using illustrations of animals.

Jurassic Punk

Unused identity for a punk rock band in a film, Jurassic Punk.

Dreambook is an identity project for holographic projections, injected in dreams. Visualizations of stories and imaginations with a purpose of interactive experience and indirect travel.

You, the Living
Reinterpreted film poster for You, the Living.


ebb is a idenity project concept for premium leaf tea/cosmetic brand.